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Promoting Malaysia’s Exports to the World (MATRADE)

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If you intend to market your products overseas, you can yourself a big favour by getting in touch with MATRADE, which serves as your one-stop centre for export information and assistance.

Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) was established since March 1, 1993, as the external trade promotion arm of Malaysia’s Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).

MATRADE has the vision to position Malaysia as a globally competitive trading nation while its mission is to promote Malaysia’s enterprises to the world. Its functions are:

•    To promote, assist and develop Malaysia’s external trade with particular emphasis on the export of manufactured and semi-manufactured products and services.
•    To formulate and implement export marketing strategies and trade promotion activities to promote Malaysia’s export.
•    To undertake commercial intelligence and market research and create a comprehensive database of information for the improvement and development of Malaysia’s trade.
•    To organise training programmes to improve the international marketing skills of Malaysian exporters.
•    To enhance and protect Malaysia’s international trade investment abroad.
•    To promote, facilitate and assist in the services areas related to trade.

MATRADE functions as a focal point for Malaysian exporters and foreign importers to source for trade-related information. By providing market intelligence and relevant advice, MATRADE assists Malaysian exporters to better position their products and services in the highly competitive global markets. This guidance facilitates smoother and more efficient international trade. To assist in the search for and development of overseas markets for Malaysian products and services, MATRADE has an international network of 38 overseas offices located in the major commercial cities around the world.

The activities of MATRADE include:
a) matching foreign buyers with Malaysian exporters of value-added products and services;
b) organising trade missions and the participation of Malaysian exporters in international trade fairs and exhibitions;
    c) organising seminars and workshops on trade opportunities, regulations and procedures, and international marketing issues;
d) providing and disseminating current trade information and market intelligence; and
e) managing a permanent display of Made in Malaysia products.

Malaysian exporters or export ready companies are welcome to become MATRADE member by registering online or by submitting their Malaysia Exporters Registry brochure to the Export Advisory and Client Services Unit. Registration with MATRADE is free.

The benefits of being a MATRADE member are as follows:
•    Trade matching with foreign buyers and update on MATRADE’s promotional activities.
•    Access to market information and market intelligence which are gathered by MATRADE’s worldwide network of 38 offices in major commercial cities.
•    Weekly updates on export opportunities and overseas trade development via e-mail through MATRADE Leads and fortnightly news on MATRADE Online.
•    Companies’ profiles will be listed in MATRADE’s exporters’ database and MATRADE’s website.
•    Free access to MATRADE Business Library which has wide range of resources such as business directories, country profiles, tariff schedules, market reports, periodicals and statistics.
•    Access the MATRADE Web Online Publications Catalogue (Web OPAC) to view MATRADE Business Library’s collection from your own computer terminal.
•    Promote company’s products and services abroad by participating in trade missions, trade fairs and promotional booths, coordinated by MATRADE.
•    Company’s products and services are eligible for display at the Malaysia Export Exhibition Centre (MEEC), MATRADE showroom for Malaysian exporters.
•    Participate in MATRADE’s export development seminars and marketing skills programmes.
•    Updates on the developments of e-commerce through MATRADE’s website.

Workshops and seminars organized by MATRADE nurtures and update exporters on trade developments and business opportunities in the international markets. Various topics are covered such as export opportunities in new and emerging markets, enhancing product image, technical requirements and changes in market trends. Companies can view the listing of the trainings/workshops for the year from MATRADE’s website.

Market Development Grant (MDG) and Brand Promotion Grant (BPG) are the two main assistance programmes offered by MATRADE to assist Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to undertake activities for the development of export markets. For MDG, companies can obtain a 50% reimbursable matching grant on the approved cost of eligible activities.

As for BPG, SMEs that are developing and promoting a brand can apply for either:
•    A 100% reimbursable grant, subject to maximum of RM1 million per company per brand, or
•    A combination of 100% and 50% reimbursable grants, subject to a maximum of RM2 million per company per brand.

Non-SMEs can apply for a 50% reimbursable grant, subject to a maximum of RM2 million per company per brand.

Another assistance programme offered by MATRADE is the Services Export Fund (SEF), which is a scheme to provide assistance in the form of reimbursable grants to Malaysian Service Providers (MSPs) for undertaking activities to venture into the international market through tendering or negotiating for international projects, conducting pre-feasibility or feasibility studies for international projects, and export promotion activities.

MATRADE also confers awards to Malaysian companies who have performed exceptionally well the exporting and also branding. The Export Excellence Award honours Malaysian exporters who have performed exceptionally well in the global marketplace, while the Brand Excellence Award is a special recognition for companies that have invested in developing Malaysian brands and are committed to promoting their brands to the international level.

The headquarters of MATRADE is located at:
Jalan Khidmat Usaha
Off Jalan Duta
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-6207 7077    Toll-free: 1 800 88 7280
Fax: 603-6203 7037 / 7033
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Website: www.matrade.gov.my


+2 #2 Noor Affendy 2010-09-14 09:02
I would like to get list of crude palm oil buyer
+3 #1 Sunita Peter 2010-01-19 16:14
I am Malaysian and have been promoting Malaysia in India very strongly as a tourist destination, wedding destination and honey moon destination. I have spent millions of money on getting promotional materials and buying attires and creating malaysian decor for weddings here and then paying for tickets for clients.

I would like to know how can i be helped by matrade in promoting malaysia and malaysian food and other stuff malaysian here.

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