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National SME Council (NASMEC)

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Formerly known as National SMI Consultative Center (NASMIC)

When YB Dato’ Chua Jui Meng was the Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry in 1990, he was very impressed by the high number of SMIs and SMEs in Malaysia and their efforts to thrive and grow. He was sympathetic to the problems that they faced, such as lack of access to information, difficulty in obtaining loans and financial assistance, non-exposure to good management practices and low IT utilization to improve productivity, among others.

Spreading the Word
Dato’ Chua also understood that although the government had provided incentives and financial assistance for SMIs, there was a gap in communication and most SMIs were not aware of these aids and incentives. Dato’ Chua then decided to help these SMIs and SMEs more effectively. He reckoned there should be a better way in disseminating the information on government incentives and financial assistance for the SMIs/SMEs, in guiding them on loan application procedures and requirements, in providing good management practices and mentoring programmes, etc.

To render this assistance to our SMIs & SMEs, Dato’ Chua called upon the Federation of Chinese Associations of Malaysia (FCAM), the Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry Malaysia (ACCCIM), MCA Trade & Industry and SMI Development Bureau (of which Dato’ Chua was the National Chairman) and SMI Association of Malaysia (SMIAM) to organize a series of conferences, seminars and dialogues for businesses at national and regional levels between 1993 and 1998. The response was overwhelming, with more than 1,600 participants. Further, these four organizations jointly organized the 1998 National Convention on SMIs on 13th March 1998 with the same degree of response.

When our country was hit by the Asian financial crisis in 1997, the value of our ringgit depreciated from RM2.40 to over RM4.00 to the US dollar, and many of our SMIs & SMEs were badly affected. On 20th January 1998, a dialogue was then organized by the SMI Association of Malaysia, MCA Trade and Industry Bureau together with the then Deputy Prime Minister who was also the Minister of Finance, the results were fruitful, one of which was the forming of SMI Fund of RM180 million.

NASMEC is Born
In order to render long term assistance to SMIs & SMEs, Dato’ Chua felt that there was a need to set up a non-profit making NGO which is limited by guarantee. FCAM, ACCCIM and SMIAM agreed to be joint partners with the MCA on this project. Thus NASMIC, the National SMI Consultative Center, was established on 1st August 1998. In June 2007, NASMIC obtained the approval of the registrar to change its name to NASMEC (National SME Council).

Vision, Mission and Objectives
The Vision, Mission and Objectives of NASMEC are as follows:
Vision:    To enhance SMIs’ contribution to our national economy and social stability.
Mission:    To set up service centres in every major city of the country.
1.    To complement the assistance provided by the government for SMIs & SMEs and work in concert with all trade and manufacturing associations in areas to improve management, productivity, quality of product, service and marketing of SMIs & SMEs.
2.    To promote and develop the Malaysian SMIs & SMEs of all races, safeguard their interests, together with other industrial and commercial organizations.
3.    To develop the potential and productivity of SMIs & SMEs, utilizing the modern management methods and the benefits of ICT, to achieve world class level.
4.    To help disseminate information on policies and incentives relevant to SMIs & SMEs.
5.    To assist SMIs & SMEs in finding business opportunities and build up networks, local and overseas.

Milestones of NASMEC
NASMEC successfully organized and participated in the following major events:

2000 " Nestle-SMI Food Industry Mentoring Program 2000
" SMI Seminar on AFTA - Nationwide Seminar
" Trade Delegate to Sarawak
" Sales Tax & Import Duties, Government Grants
" e-Commerce Seminar for SMIs Roadshow (Mar to Jun)
" Asia Vending Machines: Exhibition & Conference (Jun)
" SMI One-Stop Solution Exhibition & Conference 2000 (Jun) ~ as a Co-Organiser
" SMI Human Resource Development Towards K-Economy
" Business Matching with Visiting Taiwanese Groups
" Business Matching with City of Yokohama (Japan) Group
" Training Classes on Business Operations & Management
2001 " Business Matching with Fukuoka (Japanese) Group
" e-Commerce Seminar for SMIs (11 Venues)
" 21st Century Sales & Marketing Training
" Nestle-SMI Food Industry Mentoring Program 2001 ~ Extended to Butterworth & Johor Bahru
" K-Economy Conference 2001 ~ Officially Opened by YAB Tun Dr. Mahathir, former Prime Minister of Malaysia
" SMIOSS (SMI One-Stop Solution Exhibition & Conference) 2001 (Jun) ~ as a Co-Organiser
" Mentoring Program for SMI Shoe Manufacturers 2001
" Seminars on Islamic Loans
" Seminar on AFTA & Globalization
" Seminar on GMP/HACCP Certification & Strategies Towards Global Operations (KK, Sabah)
" Business Matching with China Agriculture, Husbandry & Chemical Groups
" Intellectual Properties Nationwide Seminar
" Enhancement Training on Entrepreneurship
" Seminar on CGC Loans
" Seminar on Young Entrepreneurs Development & Career Upgrading
" Business Matching with Hiroshima (Japan) Group
2002 " e-Commerce Grant Seminar
" Malaysian Chinese Business Conference (8 March)
" Nestle-SMI Food Industry Mentoring Program 2002 ~ Extended to Kuching & Kota Kinabalu
" Trade delegate to ShengYang, China (March)
" SMIOSS (SMI One-Stop Solution Exhibition & Conference ) 2002 (Jun) ~ as a Co-Organiser
" TQM Seminar & Workshop ~ By Dr. Ching Tow Fah
" Business Matching with China Agriculture, Tea Exporters Groups
" Environment Management Seminar Roadshow 2002
" Business Matching with City of Yokohama (Japan) and Taiwanese Groups
" Malaysia-China Economic Conference 2002 ~ Officially Opened by Tun Dr. Mahathir, former PM
" Alternate Financing & Cash Flow Management - Seminar for SMI
2003 " Seminar & Workshop on "Re-Engineering Process for Profit"
" Competitive Positioning for SMIs Towards AFTA & WTO ~ Nationwide Seminar in 11 Venues
" Trade delegate to Yantai, ShangDong province, China
" Promote & Act as A Mentor for the Micro Credit Scheme Managed by Bank Simpanan Nasional (400 Applicants)
" Nestle-SMI Food Industry Mentoring Program 2003 ~ Extended to Butterworth, JB & East Malaysia
" SMIOSS (SMI One-Stop Solution Exhibition & Conference) 2003 (Jun) ~ as a Co-Organiser
" TQM Seminar & Workshop ~ By Dr. Ching Tow Fah
" Malaysia-Taiwan Industry Conference 2003
" Afternoon-Talks on Bank Loans & Facilities
" Business Matching with City of Yokohama (Japan) Group
" Business Matching with Visiting Taiwanese Groups
2004 " MCEC 2004: Officially opened by YAB Dato' Seri Abdullah Badawi, Prime Minister of Malaysia
" SMIOSS (SMI One-Stop Solution Exhibition & Conference) 2002 (Jun) ~ as a Co-Organiser
" 3-Skills Seminar & Workshop ~ By Dr. Ching Tow Fah
- Effective Problem Solving Technique
- Effective Factory Management
- Effective Management of Change
" SMI Funds - Nationwide Seminar
" Nestle-SMI Food Industry Mentoring Program 2004 ~ Extended to Butterworth, Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu, Miri and Kuching
" Material Management for Profit (Seminar cum Workshop)
" Supply-Chain Software (Seminar cum Workshop)
" Conference Delegation to India
2005 " Malaysia-India Economic Conference 2005 ~ 17 Jan 2005 at Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel
" Economic Outlook for Malaysia 2005 ~ 10 March 2005 at JW Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
" Nestle-SMI Food Industry Mentoring Program (6th Continuous Year): March to August 2005
" Sales & Marketing (MBA Level) Advanced Class ~ July 2005
" How to "Dig Gold" in Your Factory? ~ Workshop
" Best International SME Convention 2005
" Effective Material Management Training
" Group Comprehensive Scheme for SMIs and SMEs
" Entrepreneurship + Grants, Bank Facilities ~ Seminar for Automotive Parts Association
" Business Matching with Chinese Delegation from Yunan, Helongkiang & Taishan
" Effective Problem Solving Techniques ~ By Dr. Ching Tow Fah
" Business Delegation to India & Business Matching
" Malaysia SME Retailing Conference 2005 ~ 27 September 2005
" Import & Export Procedure & Know-how for Young Entrepreneurs
2006 " Material Management for Profits 2006 (Seminar cum Workshop)
" Increasing Competitiveness through New Technologies ~ Supported by KPT - A Seminar to promote & commercialize new technologies & inventions by UiTM, UM, UKM & UPM
" Nestle-SMI Food Industry Mentoring Program 2006 (The 7th Continuous Year) - Covering KL (2 Classes), Penang, Muar, KK, Kuching and Kota Bharu
" MCEC 2006 ~ A Biennial International Event, official opened by YAB Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia
2007 " Seminar Roadshow on CitiBank's Loans & Facilities to SMEs
" Nurturing Emerging Entrepreneurs 2007 - Supported by Money & You, Creative International and co-organised with KCCCI
" Effective Material Management for Profits 2006 (Seminar cum Workshop) (5th Year, 7th & 8th Class)
" Nestle - SME F&B Mentoring Program 2007 (The 8th Continuous Year) - Covers KL (2 Classes), Johor Bahru, Penang, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching and Selangor.
" Effective Tools to Excel for SMEs - By Dr. Ching Tow Fah (6th Year, 11th Class):
~ Problems Solving Techniques (2 Classes), &
~ Reduction of Unnecessary Costs
" Malaysia-China Yantai + Qingdao Trade Mission 2007 (jointly organized by NASMEC, SMIAM, CCBCC, Yantai & Qingdao Municipal Government of China, to be held in 5 major cities of Yantai and Qingdao in China)
" Birds' Nest Processing & Sales & Marketing Training - Fundamental (2 Classes)
" Birds' Nest Processing & Sales & Marketing Training - Advanced (2 Classes)
" GMP & HACCP in Mandarin by Han Looi Siew (15-17 Nov 2007)
" Birds' Nest Farming Advanced Class (2 Classes in Puchong Jaya)
" Effective Tools to Excel for SMEs - By Dr. Ching Tow Fah (6th Year, 14th Class)
~ Problems Solving Techniques (November & December Classes)
" Birds' Nest Farming Advanced Class in Kluang & Sg. Petani (2 Classes)
2008 " Seminar on Material Management (1 March)
" Malaysia-Vietnam Economic Conference 2008 (27 March)
" Nestle-NASMEC Food & Beverages Mentoring Program (Kuala Lumpur/Selangor, Penang, Johor Bahru, Kuching, in April, May, July, August)
" Talk on Government Grants & Incentives, and Wise Investment (12 July)
" Malaysia-India Economic Conference 2008 (25 September)
" Nestle-NASMEC Food & Beverages Mentoring Program Graduation Cocktail ( 28 October)

Major Events Planned for 2009

•    Nestle-NASMEC Food & Beverages Mentoring Program
•    Economic Conference
•    Courses in Quality Management and Competitiveness
•    Courses in Business Financial Planning, Auditing and Taxation, SME Business Branding, Grants and Government Incentives
•    Trade Mission
Looking Forward
With belief in friendly cooperation with all individuals and trade associations, NASMEC supports all kinds of activities that are beneficial to SMEs. We have also set up a panel of consultants and trade specialists who are willing to guide and solve problems for the SMEs.
We believe in "Group Efforts" and "Unity is Strength". With help from all sectors, NASMEC will continue to grow well and to benefit the industries and businesses of all races, and contribute to the economy of the nation.

Contact Details
National SME Council (NASMEC)
No. 6B & C, Jalan Tempua 2A,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong, Selangor

Tel: 603-8070 7721 / 24    Fax: 603-8070 7717
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



-1 #1 Emely Tan Mei Yee 2009-07-07 00:41
Dear Nasmec,

I was very interested to join the Nasmec member, because i can get a lots of the information from here especially the F&B Industry Mentoring program. But the course fee was very expensive. Can i get the power point or any training information that inside the course? At least i can self learning from the power point / presentation that prepared by the profesionalism.

At the same time, i do hope the nasmec can sent me all the information which is free admission. Thanks and much much appreciate. Hope to see your prompt reply.

Emely Tan
017-229 6770
Hongguan Food Trading
Khimyan Holding's Sdn bhd

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