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In-addtion, the website will also help to arouse the interest of the people in Information Communication Technology, especially among the younger generation. We welcome constructive feedback and ideas on ways to improve the website and any other form of assistance including financial support.

At, they are committed to offer the best holistic solutions to the partners and clients in which they can leverage on the power of the internet and integrate them with your own unique advertising and promotions campaigns. is part of a large network of sites and related portals which have been operating for the past 10 years and still growing strong and steadily. That places us the portal as the top advertising and marketing portal from Malaysia, reaching out to viewers and visitors around the world and helping our partners grow in tandem with the fast-paced economy and market of advertising.

News and current issues

As professionals in this business sector, is aware that information is vital and very important to any business. At times, information and knowledge plays a crucial role in determining the success or failure of a business and this will surely be a vital tool all businesses. Hence, the team at will bring you the most up-to-date information and news encircling around the advertising, marketing, branding and other related fields so that marketers are constantly kept abreast of what is going on in the industry. The news and current issues are personally sourced by our reporters while they are also streamed through renowned international partner sites to retain their relevance to you.

Job and Career Guide

Whether you are looking for a job or offering one in the advertising sector, the’s job and career guide offers a comprehensive, if not complete resource on how to go about with it. Here is where you will find a lot of advice and articles about job hunting in the advertising industry and what to look out for which include information like advertising tips, resume advice, interview techniques and others.

Apart from that, our guide also includes a section where you can advertise your expertise in looking for a job with better prospects. Companies with job vacancies would also post their advertisements here in their search for the most suitable advertising candidate.

Resources and Library

One of the highlights of is our library of resources. This is where you will find some of the most interesting articles and literature like guides and textbook techniques in marketing and advertising readily available for your reading pleasure. If you are looking for more information on certain campaigns or marketing activities, browse through our library of resources where you might discover a new trick or two.
Apart from that, the resource library of also include a comprehensive collection of rate cards of all media encompassing publications, television and radio, newspapers, agencies and others. This is to help our members gauge the cost of advertising in the different media in Malaysia and to guide them through understanding the business of advertising better.
Where this is concerned, also offer an industrial design guide where one can find all types of resources relating to design of materials used in above and below the line advertising. Essentially, this is where you will be able to view the designs posted by our members or you could also submit your own.

Billboards, LED Digital Board and Signboard Designs

As a premier supplier of advertising resources, also provide a complete set of information on designs of billboards, LED Digital Boards, Signboards and other signage types. This means that you can find out about the different types of modern and very effective methods of signage used by major businesses today and adopt them for your own.
If you are interested to use such designs, you will also be able to source them through where we provide a full and complete transactional service to help your business grown through using modern technology signboards that runs on LED. You will be able to seek the advice from our team of experts in terms of design, dimension, types and also a quotation to work on your budget.

Members and Social Network Hub

At our very own community, provides the best social networking hub for our members which consists of marketers, advertising experts, industry practitioners and any advertising enthusiasts to gather and discuss about the current issues in this area. Here is where you will find top marketers of the country congregating to talk about the latest marketing trend, contemporary advertising methods and any question and answer sessions that would take place around the calendar year. Apart from that, this is also the ideal platform for members to hold negotiations, offer bargains and dialogues while webinars and online forums are also held.

Projects and Tenders

Essentially, is the place to find out about any upcoming public projects or tenders in advertising and marketing. As a member of, you will be able to receive the latest information about any upcoming projects which might interest you or those that you might have expertise in and find out where you can start submitting your tenders. On top of that, there will also be a discussion forum among members and practitioners about methods of submitting tender, public projects worth undertaking as well as any other related issues in these areas.