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Network Marketing

Network marketing or also commonly known as multi-level marketing (MLM) refers to a business model used primarily by companies distributing products and services through independent representatives to reach to more new potential customers. This model is one of the most powerful marketing strategy to target customers that a company could not reach through traditional or online marketing channels. Among some of the most well-established companies using this business model are Tupperware, Amway Corporation, Avon, Herbalife, Shaklee, Nu Skin, New Vision and 4Life.

For those who have no idea how network marketing works, just try to associate the model with franchising. Franchise concept is done when an interested individual pays another existing company for the right to start own business using their name, products and services. The parent company that sells the right to a new franchisee will provide development, training and other marketing tools to support the new owner.

Helping each others

Even though network marketing is not exactly a franchising model, the concept is similar as the parent company distributes products and services to independent representatives and these agents will then sell it to new customers. In other words, these independent representatives are also the middleman between parent company and the customers.

Ever since the business model was introduced in the market, the concept has evolved and changed dramatically. Network marketing is successful due to several factors as it allows independent representatives to become business owners and sell the products and services in bulk to retail customers.

This method is not only helping independent business owners to earn high revenue but also helping the parent company to expand. This strategy is known as sponsoring in the industry. The tactic allows independent business owners to earn profit from the sales production he made over a period of time. Here is a golden rule for independent representatives to succeed in the industry – recruit more individuals as your sales force to promote, market and sell the products and services.

Years of Marketing Experience

Over the years, has been actively involved in countless advertising campaigns, working with companies in both the public and private sectors in deriving and implementing events with the highest impact. As a one-stop centre for the designing, making and installing of sign boards, has been working on several areas and has become an expert in these sectors ever since. Today, we are the leading agency in providing above-the-line and below-the-line services for our list of reputable and established clientele.

In terms of signage and advertising boards, we position ourselves as not only the best, but the most effective in the market. Our LED screens, display board and neon signage are being used by major corporations around the country. We offer a full range of signage-related services which are all customizable. Our signboards can be made to be used both indoors and outdoors which can be customized to suit your business needs. We have been involved in all types of signboard design and production, ranging from the light-box to non-light-box media. We operate our own design and manufacturing facility for LED screens and digital signage boards which means that we keep the cost low for your benefit.

For maximum effectiveness, we draw our experiences from our previous campaigns that include billboard advertising and building wraparounds using digital and non-digital media. Our expertise ranges from printing to 3-dimensional medium which have been effectively implemented by our clients previously. In terms of 3-dimensional media, we are leaders in the acrylic, sculpture and fibre-board design and production while our in-house printing equipments and facilities ensure that we provide the best quality services to our clients. This includes printing of stickers for banners and buntings, road signs and in all areas of graphic design. Other areas of services that we are experts in include mobile advertising using SMS (Short Messaging System) using bulk SMS programmes.

Integrated Advertising

New Age Advertising

As the premier advertising and marketing agency in the market, we have been involved in all sorts of campaigns, events and advertising services with some of the top corporations in various industries for many years now. As such, we are fully equipped and extremely committed in providing you with the best possible options for your integrated advertising campaigns.

Where advertising is concerned, we are always ready to help you with building your brand in the best possible platforms. Over the years, we have worked in countless campaigns that involved all types of media, advertising channels, marketing options and such. Because of this, we have been able to identify and determine the best media that will suit your campaign whether it is to build your brand or launch a product. This is where we are at our best, identifying a mixture and combination of platforms to give your brand or product the best integrated advertising option.

The Process

This is where we are very much involved in the entire process of your campaign in which we will help you from the planning stages, execution and implementation and in measuring the success of the programme. As outdoor advertising is not as straightforward as conventional media, we will ensure that your campaign is effectively implemented where we will monitor the situation closely and then report back to you for any changes or updates required.

Our expertise

In all the different types of media of an integrated marketing campaign, one of our main focus is on outdoor advertising. As we have been involved in digital advertising for many years now, we specialize in the area of outdoor advertising that covers the likes of Wi-Fi advertising, public transportation advertising and in shopping centres. Besides that, we will ensure that your campaign enjoys the best exposure through integration with social media networks and other digital means.