Products and Services presents opportunities for SMIs / SMEs to promote and advertise their range of products or services.  Companies looking for supplies from SMIs / SMEs will find this section invaluable, especially in sourcing for competitively priced products available in the market. Companies who want to reach out and market to SMIs / SMEs will be able to utilise the leaders as a platform to promote and advertise their products and services.
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As a provider of the platform for trading of products and services, we at takes our services very seriously in which we are very committed in providing them at the best possible quality to our customers. As such, we ensure that businesses that are listed in are valid to avoid any misunderstandings or inconveniences to our members in the future.

We are aware that of the challenges that our members face when sourcing for products and services from the many suppliers who are in the market and as such, we strive to ensure that you are matched only to the most capable and qualified suppliers available.

Malaysian Business Directory

As such, we carry out a stringent and effective Supplier Assessment system in which we will verify the information provided by the businesses who post their details at Our system will ensure that the contact information is valid and is a local address and telephone number. From there, the contact person will be contacted to verify these details.

After that, our Supplier Assessment system will verify the products and services that are being offered by the suppliers, ensuring that they are selling what they have wrote in their pages. Should there be any false information provided by the supplier concerned, the listing will be removed immediately.

Supplier Review System

Apart from that, welcomes reports from buyers who have experienced any type of discrepancies or breaches to the procedures adopted by the supplier where each of these cases will be investigated independently for further action.

Our Supplier Assessment system is carried out to offer the peace of mind to our members to ensure that you are buying and dealing with the right people and not be engaged into any possible scams or illegal trade activities. Our ratings will provide you with a quick review of how well the particular supplier is running its business.