, as it is popularly known, is a company providing auto care consultancy services as well as hands-on specialization in the customizing, restoration and refinishing work on classic, vintage and collectors cars.

We strongly believe in providing high quality restoration services along with excellent service and this commitment has led us in forging long-term business relationships with our customers. shall continue to enlist professional service and expertise in the area of restoration services as the foundation of our business strength.

We want nothing less than providing the best when performing the art of classic car restoration where we will strive to be professional and fair.
Restoring a Classic is quite challenging, but highly rewarding experience for us as we create a sense of pride in the ownership of a piece of history. Our restoration excellence is recognized by our customers and we are proud of our accomplishments.

We never fail to create the ‘wow’ factor in these cars.
As they say, it’s an old car … but we say, it’s better than a new one, coz no new car has so much pride and emotions attached to it.
Finally, it is our hope that you’ll have lots of fun watching these beautifully restored cars as they’ve had fun painstakingly restoring them.

Auto Restoration Process

Restoration is an art form and like art, there are various processes involved from the initial stage to final completion as they explain below.
To uncover the truth behind the surface, every part of the undercarriage, interior, exterior, engine bay where appropriate will be dismantled or removed for restoration purpose and will be inspected and documented individually then tagged and digitally photographed accordingly.

All these parts will be chemical cleaned, sandblasted followed by either powder coating, chroming, rainbow coating or painting using hard-wearing lacquer. New parts such as bushes, seals, ball joints etc will be installed.All windscreens and glass will be removed and if badly scratched or cracked, where possible new windscreen will be fabricated locally.

The body will be stripped off its years of paint and putty to bare-metal, all panels straightened, parts welded followed by the paint process stage using only expensive materials. They do not and will not compromise on this.

All wiring will also be stripped and checked individually for abrasion, cracks and broken links quite often found on old cars. New terminals and relays will be used throughout and bad wiring replaced. All refurbished wiring loom will be housed in wire-tubes for safety and for that ‘clean’ and ‘tidy’ look.

All these when restored in their beautiful factory-like condition or better as they have seen in most cases will be photographed once again to highlight the spectacular changes seen before your eyes.

They will monitor and supervise every stage of the restoration process without blinking an eye. As part of our pledge, they will also keep our customers posted during the development stage of the restoration process to make them feel equally involved.

As a value-added service for all our customers, every stage of the restoration process until fully completed will be digitally photographed and saved in a CD which will be given to the owner when they hand over the restored vehicle. We have seen this to add value to any restored vehicle during the time of sale.
They will turn an ‘Embarassment’ into an ‘Envy’ of all.

Features of the leather used :

Quality Grade Leather (complies with OEM Standards)
Fully imported from Germany, Italy and other parts of Europe conforming to international standards.
Leather chosen to withstand harsh tropical temperatures.
Leather guaranteed against pre-mature cracking and discolouration.
Quality Amann threads.
Quality of workmanship guaranteed.
Heat and bacterial resistant.
Durkopp-Addler sewing machines.
Full package comes complete as a set for the 2 front seats, rear seat, headrests and door trim including arm-rests.
Specially trained craftsmen ensure highest quality of detail, stitching and fit.
The finished product with the softness and scent of the leather combined with the formal elegance and styling will transform the automobile interior into something totally new, luxurious and exclusive.