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Reinvestment Allowance (RA)

Reinvestment Allowance (RA) is granted to manufacturing companies which have been in operation for at least 12 months and incur qualifying capital expenditure for the

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Incentive Export

Incentive for Export

Manufacturers producing for the export market are eligible to apply for the following: Double Deduction for Expenses on Promotion of Export Certain expenses incurred by

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Duties and Sales Tax Exemption

Exemption of Import Duty For companies manufacturing finished products for the export market, full exemption from import duty on direct raw materials are normally granted,

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Incentives -other sectors

Incentives for other sectors

INCENTIVES FOR HIGH TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES High technology companies are defined as companies engaged in promoted activities or in the production of promoted products in areas

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Funds and Grants

Technology Acquisition Fund (TAF) 1 TAF 1 provides funding to eligible Malaysian companies to acquire foreign technology for immediate incorporation into company’s manufacturing activity. The

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What is Entrepreneurship

The term and concept entrepreneurship was first coined in 1700s and over the years, the concept has changed dramatically. Generally, people tend to associate the

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