Manufacturers producing for the export market are eligible to apply for the following:

Double Deduction for Expenses on Promotion of Export

Certain expenses incurred by resident companies for the purpose of seeking opportunities for export of manufactured products, services products and agricultural products are eligible for double deduction. (A list of the eligible expenses is available from MITI).
Some expenses eligible are:
a. content development & advertising
b. supply of samples abroad, including delivery costs
c. export market research
d. preparation of tenders for the supply of goods overseas
e. supply of technical information abroad
f. exhibits and/or participation required in trade or industrial exhibitions held locally or abroad approved by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry
g. economy class airfares in respect of travel overseas by employees of companies for business
h. accommodation expenses up to RM300 per day and sustenance expenses up to RM150 per day for company representatives who travel overseas for promotion of services for export
i. expenses for services rendered for public relations work connected with export
j. cost of maintaining sales office and warehouse overseas for the promotion of exports
l. professional service fees for designing the package of products for export subject to the conditions that the product is of export quality and the company uses local professional services
m. participation in virtual trade show
n. participation in trade portal for the promotion of local products
o. social media marketing

Tax Exemption on the Value of Increased Exports

To further promote exports, manufacturing companies in Malaysia are eligible for:

Claims should be submitted to IRB.
To further encourage the export of Malaysian goods, a locally-owned manufacturing company with Malaysian equity of at least 60% is eligible for: