Public Bank is a multi-award winning commercial bank with extensive local and foreign operations that span throughout Asia.  The Bank has a strong presence in both consumer & commercial sector, especially in Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs).  With more than 40 years of banking excellence, Public Bank is committed in providing quality services and innovative products that will set in place the development & growth of SMEs by providing SMEs with total financing solution that meet their diversified and specialized needs.

You may have a sound business plan. But often, making that plan a profitable reality requires a helping hand in the form of financing. Public Bank can be the partner to help turn your ideas into a revenue-generating business with our range of financing products.
And to give you access to the necessary funds as quickly as possible, our ISO 9001:2008 certified process ensures speedy loan approval.
Take a step closer to cashing in on your ideas by choosing a financing product from our extensive range :

SWIFT Plan by Public Bank

SWIFT Plan provides financing for the acquisition of assets to help in the running of your business, or for additional funding in the form of trade bills financing.

SWIFT Plan offers:

•    An attractive margin of financing of up to 150%.
•    Financing of your stamp duty and legal documentation fees.
•    10% discount on Fire Insurance premiums for the first year.
•    No service fee for EPF & Income Tax payments.
•    Pre-approved credit cards for eligible directors with annual fee waiver during the loan tenure.
•    Option for Free Legal Documentation.
•    Option for ShopSave
»    ShopSave links your fixed loan to your current account whereby the credit balance in your current account will be used to reduce the fixed loan balance outstanding for interest calculation, thus resulting in interest savings.
The financing package is intended to help you:
•    To purchase or refinance your own business premises, such as shophouses, warehouses and industrial factories.
•    To finance the purchase of equipment & machinery.
•    To raise working capital, including Overdraft facilities and trade financing.

PB TradePlus

PB TradePlus provides SMEs with additional working capital in the form of Trade Bills to expand their domestic and oversea businesses.
PB TradePlus offers :
•    An attractive margin of financing of up to 150%.
•    Free Legal Documentation
•    Preferential interest rate on Foreign Currency Current Accounts, if required
•    Preferential premium rate for Marine Insurance

PBMicro Finance

PBMicro Finance provides financial assistance to micro enterprises that seek to expand their businesses and need quick and easy access to financing.
PBMicro Finance offers :
•    Financing for Working Capital and Asset Acquisition for business purposes.
•    Affordable & Flexible Repayment Scheme
•    Loan Amount of up to RM50,000
•    Loan Repayment Tenure of up to 60 months

Trade Financing

Public Bank is the ideal partner to help you efficiently handle your trade transactions as well as address your financing needs. Our extensive network of correspondent bankers and experienced personnel will ensure that you enjoy worldwide acceptance by the international business community.
We offer a wide range of solutions and services to meet all your trade financing needs.
•    Letter of Credit (LC)
Letters of Credit are issued by the bank to your suppliers as a form of guaranteed payment. The supplier will be able to collect the payment when all conditions of the LC are met, for example when the goods shipped and documents delivered to the bank.
•    Trust Receipt (TR)
A form of financing for your purchases, where we pay your suppliers 100% of the value of the goods, so that you can take delivery promptly and defer payment for an agreed period of time.
•    Banker’s Acceptance (BA)
»    For Local Purchases / Import Services : The bank provides financing for importers and local purchasers so you can take delivery of goods faster to meet market demands.
»    For Local Sales / Export Services : The bank will pay you immediately in exchange for your invoices in a trade transaction. This gives you instant cash in hand for other business needs while the bank collects payment from your buyer at a later date.
•    Shipping Guarantee (SG)
Allows you to take delivery of your goods prior to arrival of original transport documents.
•    Banker’s Guarantee (BG)
An undertaking given by the bank in writing to guarantee the payment to a supplier, tender for a project/contract or performance of obligation by you.
•    Documentary Collection
Whether you’re an importer or exporter, this is a value-added service that lets you channel all your trade documents through the bank. We can assist in making collections or convert your trade documentation into financing.
•    Acceptance Letter of Credit
Provides financing in foreign currency to pay for your import goods. This allows you to take advantage of the low interest rates on certain foreign currencies, and thus increasing your profit margin.
•    Bills of Exchange Purchased (BEP)
This provides you with immediate funds upon presentation of export/sales documents with or without Letters of Credit. This gives you instant cash in hand for other business needs while the bank collects payment from your buyer at a later date.
•    Export Credit Refinancing (ECR)
Assist local manufacturers and traders to access to cheaper financing of their production and exporting costs. This is intended to promote the export of manufactured and approved agricultural products that are Made in Malaysia.
•    Bilateral Payments Arrangement
Introduced by Bank Negara Malaysia, this is a unique banking arrangement between our country and a number of developing countries to promote bilateral trade to non-traditional markets. It guarantees settlements of financial claims arising from exports and imports of goods drawn under Letters of Credit between Malaysia and  these countries.

Working Capital Loans

If you’re looking for funds to aid in the running of your business, you’ll find the right financing package here.


Allows you to draw additional funds quickly and conveniently from your current account as and when you require it. Raising funds for your business or making investments is now fast, simple and convenient.
The Overdraft facility offers :
•    No fixed repayment schedule.
•    Interest charged only when funds are used.

Revolving Credit

A working capital facility to address your financing needs over a short to medium term period. You can choose to either repay the full amount or to roll-over the loan by servicing the interest at the end of the tenure.
The Revolving Credit facility offers :
•    Flexibility of drawing funds as and when required.
•    Repayable over 1 to 6 months term.
•    Choice of repaying in full upon maturity or to pay only the interest.
Minimum amount of RM100,000.

Industrial Hire Purchase

As your business grows, you may start investing in more advanced machinery to increase production to meet new demand or a new lorry to make deliveries. Whatever assets your business needs, Public Bank’s  Hire Purchase loans are designed to help you acquiring them.
Public Bank can provide SMEs with total financing solutions and assist SMEs to expand their businesses with competitive and customized products.  SMEs will enjoy value added benefits and greater cost savings such as :

Competitive interest rate :

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