Healthcare professionals and their patients in Malaysia now have access to a new treatment option in the management of wound care through BETAplast, an advanced wound dressing that promotes safer and faster wound healing, leaving fewer scars when compared to gauze or bandages.
Medifoam, one of the top moist wound dressing products in South Korea has been developed by South Korea-based bio-medical company, Genewel. Medifoam is marketed by Mundipharma as BETAplast in Malaysia and it is available in multiple ranges that include foam and antiseptic dressings for burn and chronic wound treatment, and post-surgery wound protection.
It will be part of the ‘Betadine’ range of products, a well-established name in wound care in the region for over 45 years.
BETAplast incorporates a ‘smartpore technology’ which demonstrates a vertical and high absorption capacity; such absorption capacity reduces the potential maceration of wound and periwound area. With its high absorption and retention capacity.
The significant parts of BETAplast that it accelerates healing time and helps the patient return to normal routine activities without anxiety, reduces the pain of dressing changes and inconvenience for patients, reduces frequency of wound dressing and frequency of visits and related costs.
President of the Malaysian Society of Wound Care Professionals, Dr. K Harikrishna Ragavan Nair says that traditional wound care treatments can be painful and debilitating.
“The thought of changing a dressing and the associated potential pain that comes with it can cause a patient further stress,negatively impacting their recovery.

Cutting edge innovations in the wound care management

With this new product of BETAplast in Malaysia, it will give us an access to cutting edge innovations in the wound care management arena.” Country Manager of Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd Hansang Kim, says the wound care management is an integral part of achieving the best possible outcomes for patients.
“Through BETAplast’s innovative and scientifically proven technology, patients can now look forward to a faster and more effective healing process, which allows them to return to their daily life as quickly as possible.”
The introduction of BETAplast in the Malaysian market is part of a larger agreement signed by Mundipharma and Genewel in March 2014, for the licensing and marketing of Medifoam moist wound dressing products by Mundipharma in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Upon introduction to the South East Asia market, Mundipharmahas revamped the packaging for the convenience of consumers.
Area Director of Mundipharma’s Korea and South East Asia, Jong-Ho Lee says that he is excited to bring South Korea’s leading wound treatment technology to the region.
“With BETAplast, we believed it can address the needs of healthcare professionals and patients alike, thus effectively bridged the vital gaps in the wound-care industry. We are confident BETAplast will perform well in this market in terms of improving patients’ experience and elevating the quality of are to the next level.”
Mundipharma’s global network of companies is privately-owned entities covering the world’s pharmaceutical markets; provides patients across six continents with a growing portfolio of 19 products in five therapeutic areas, which include moderate-to-severe pain, consumer healthcare, oncology, respiratory disease, rheumatoid arthritis, antisepsis and laxatives.