The Sri Petaling Home Hotel is the perfect place to stay if you are looking for one which is economical, affordable and very convenient. This cheap and affordable choice is fully-furnished with a complete set of home appliances and equipment.

Perfect place to stay for business or leisure in Kuala Lumpur

If you are visiting Kuala Lumpur for business or vacation, staying at the Kuala Lumpur Hotel would be your best choice. This is because it has everything you need with transportation easily available. From the Sri Petaling Home Hotel, you are only about 15 minutes away from the Kuala Lumpur city centre via the major expressways.
You can arrange for Uber or Grab services easily while there is a public taxi stand located just behind the house. If you like to take public transportation, shuttle bus services are available which will take you to the LRT stations nearby.

Rates and Services

Check-in time is standard at 2.00pm each day while check-out is at 12.00pm the next day. If there are no guests checking in on the next day, late check-out up to 3.00pm is available at no extra charge. You will find that the Sri Petaling Home Hotel is truly a value-for-money place to stay where you get the most luxurious home-styled accommodation without having to pay over-market rates.

Home Appliances and Electrical equipment

At the Sri Petaling Home Hotel, you can stay in the comfort of a home without any concerns. Here, you can use all the home appliances and electrical equipment provided. This includes:

LED television with internet channels is provided for entertainment while you get to use the free internet high-speed access throughout the house as well.

Top Security Neighbourhood

Staying here means you will be in the vicinity of highly-secured neighbourhood. The Sri Petaling Home Hotel operates within a gated and guarded community. Security guards will patrol the neighbourhood throughout the day with one on duty 24-hours daily stationed only a few houses away.

Easy Access and Parking

The Sri Petaling Home Hotel comes with 2 parking spaces at the front porch while you get a lot of parking at the public area just outside the house. An automatic gate is installed for maximum convenience when staying here.