Content Marketing & Strategy

They take a different but effective approach in our content strategy. They emphasize on innovative methods to build brand spaces which are cutting edge and emotionally powerful to reach the target audience. They ensure that your campaigns reach the target segments while generating substantial revenue both for the short and long term.

They integrate our content strategies together with our copywriting  experience to provide a process-driven and guaranteed to work ideas for you. Our strategies have been tested and tracked for the best ROI and other forms of returns so that you get your money’s worth.


They have a team of highly qualified, talented and experienced in-house designers. Their roles interchange between writers, art directors and creative directors with one thing in common. Vision. When they design, they learn from the good ones and become better themselves.

They advocate the importance of innovation and effective creativity. Through their years of experience, they have built a highly effective process chain which have already brought success to all their customers. For this, they will be more than happy to help you too.


Their area of expertise transcends into many areas and they are a full-service agency that integrates mainstream and digital advertising. When they work on something, they go all the way. Their efforts are result-oriented and they go all out to get the eyeballs for your campaign.

Having started on the digital platform, their records speak for itself. They offer all types of integrated campaigns that include traffic-tracking, data analysis and analytics, SEO, SEM and social media advertising, among others. In fact, they try to track everything they can so that you do not have to.


Nothing in marketing works without research. They do not only provide the data for your campaign. They drive it. They ensure that you have the relevant data in order to plan ahead and to strategize. Their research facility and team works relentlessly to understand the market so that you can too.

They have a full-fledge research team who is able to carry out quantitative, qualitative or a combination of both methods. Besides that, they ensure that the methods applied are cost-effective and impactful for your campaign in every way.


In order for you to reach your customers better, they have a capable team who work in the social circle for you. Their team is highly specialized in this with the industry know-how on using the best tools like interactive tools and tracking platforms so that you get the data feed needed for your campaign.

Media Buying

When you work with us, they will ensure the best convenience for you. They are experts in media planning and buying. As such, they will plan and buy any media spots for you as and when required. This covers media in digital or any other formats. They own several media themselves which will then be highly cost-effective for your business.

Choosing the right media to use matters and impacts your campaign tremendously. They work with you to maximize your expenditure. Whether it is conventional, social, digital or any new media, they will buy media spots for you in the most cost-efficient way so that your campaign succeeds with no qualms or doubts.


– One of the top Malaysian news portals which is subscription based. It has one of the highest subscribers and readers, reaching millions daily with its unique and exclusive political and social news

Free Malaysia Today

– Known in short as FMT, this news portal offers political, social and business news in English Language and Bahasa Malaysia

The Malaysian Insider(officially closed as of 2016)

– One of the recent additions to the online news portal sector of Malaysia. Readers include young adults who check here daily for unbiased news and stories

The Rakyat Post

– Daily news on politics, business and lifestyle. The Rakyat Post is one of the most read news portals in Malaysia and those working overseas

– An online car listing website and one of the most accessed automotive sites in Malaysia. Provides access for individuals, sales agents and companies who are in the trading of vehicles business

– Claims to be Malaysia’s No.1 Car Site, this portal provides buyers and sellers of used and new vehicles the marketplace to put their ads. Accessed by thousands of readers daily, there are advice, news and other resources as well

– One of Malaysia’s top job matching and career portals. Carikerja is the local word for ‘find jobs’ and has one of the largest database of employers and vacancies accessible daily.