’s Public Relations division is a niche company formed out of the need to provide clients with only what they really need, not what is nice to have. Hence, they cut out the fat and unnecessary cost, and get down to the business of serving our clients interests by ensuring your news and events are targeted at the right audiences and obtain the best publicity.

Media Relations

One of the most crucial aspects of any public relations work, media relations makes the difference between getting your “news” out there to your target audiences and spending thousands to host an event that does not get noticed, let alone attended by the media.
At’s Public Relations, their media relations work starts from the very basics – writing you media invitations and news releases that get noticed and published!

Advertising & Marketing Communications

Product news, product launches, and new business / company launches, are commonplace these days. Marketing Communications programs designed by JP & Associates Public Relations will put you above the clutter to get your news where it counts.

We target the right audiences and correct media to give you and your products the best exposure. We will:
Position your product, image or skills in the right media – business, consumer, technology or lifestyle.
Create editorial placement opportunities to deliver news and information to the business and trade media through magazines and    feature articles, case studies, business and personality profiling, special reports or editorial columns.
Achieve the perfect mix in the electronic and print media by highlighting new product introductions, conference and event management   activities and other matters.
Design tactical strategies that go hand in hand with all types of campaigns which include outdoor or wifi dvertising campaigns.
Brand your products, services and skills to ensure your Marketing Communications tools exude the right image, content development and design   that reflects your company and its key messages.

Crisis & Conflict Management

The sad truth is that every company will face a crisis or conflict situation at some point. A knee-jerk reaction for most companies when the media asks questions is to keep silent, ignore the problem or pretend it doesn’t exist. Wrong!
Through our Crisis & Conflict Management program, JP & Associates Public Relations will mobilize its team within minutes, assess the problem and provide an on-the-spot evaluation and solution.
We will also craft all your public responses and holding statements. Our goal is to neutralize any crisis or conflict and return you to business-as-usual as soon as possible. Our Crisis & Conflict Management services will help you:
Navigate away from the crisis to keep your reputation intact.
Argue your case to positively influence government, political and industry leaders, key legislators, market analysts and the man-in-the-   street
Explain your position to your target audiences in a clear and precise manner to draw their understanding.
Inform and keep the media and your target audiences supporting and backing you all the way despite the crisis.
Keep your investors from selling off their shares.
Overcome the crisis and return quickly to normalcy.