This is a new and revolutionary technology where you can now send messages within a 1.5 to 2 kilometer radius. With GSM Mobile Blaster, you can enjoy better location-based marketing which has not been possible using any other forms of media.

What is Mobile Blaster?

This refers to sending advertising content to a localized wireless network. You will be sending unlimited SMS to individuals in a particular location through a broadcast and to a targeted group.

What can Mobile Blaster Do?

This platform is now perfect if you want to send information like events in the particular area, advertising messages or any related information.

Which Technology?

We will assist you in using the appropriate technology or your campaign. Whether it is SMS, WhatsApp running on GSM, GPRS, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, we have the answer to all your needs. This is because not every location is connected using Wi-Fi and not every device uses GPS.

 How is Mobile Blaster different from SMS Blasting?

When you use Web SMS Blasting services, you need a database to filter your recipients of a certain location. Mobile Blaster meanwhile is different because you will be sending your message to the GSM recipients of a certain location and its vicinity.
This can come in the form of an office, a business area or an entertainment outlet. With Mobile Blaster, you can have your advertising dollars worth without having to send out to the masses and not knowing who your recipients are.
This means that Mobile Blaster will be ideal for SMS messages related to events, special promotions, offers and current sale which is going-on in a shopping district and such.